We know that there are different types of valves that perform their function of regulating the motion of liquid flow in different forms. But did you know that each of the type of valves is further divided as series and each series has some specific qualities that the other type of series does not have. It might sound simple that the only function of valve is to ensure the regular flow of liquid and to prevent the mixing of two different types of liquids but it is a quite complicated task that is performed by the valves. Some of the valves chop the solid components while others provide the desired pressure required for the flow of liquid. In this article; we will be discussing about the series of two types of valves known as knife gate valves and butterfly valves.

Different series of knife gate valves:

Butterfly valves in australia are the kind of valves that ensure the smooth flow of liquid. These valves have the sharp blade like structures that are designed to chop of the solid components. There are times when a solid component might pass through pipes and can cause a clog which is why these knife valves chops  them off in the midway so that they won’t be able to cause the clog. There are four different series of knife gate valves. The KGI series of knife valves have robust designing for heavy slurries and acidic solutions. They have the gland replaceable liner as well as self flushing designed system. Their non-push through seats, extra thick gates and zero leakage makes them best for use. Then there is knife gate valve hy seal M, this type of valve is specifically designed for high density slurries. They have one piece heavy duty body with full port design and deflector cones. 

Different series of butterfly valves:

Butterfly valves are the winged structure of valves that regulates stops and starts the motion of liquid. There are two series of this type of valve as well. These series are known as Butterfly valve S series and K series. The former type of Butterfly valves resists chlorides and acidic solutions. They have PFA encapsulated disc and a liner as well. The K series of this valve are light weight and have Dura cast body. They are UV stable and are corrosion resistant.


Valve is a mechanical device used for regulation of flow of liquid. There are different types of valves which are further categorised in series. The knife gate valves are used to chop the solid particles in the pipelines to prevent the clogging. There are at least four different series of Knife gate valves varying from KGI series to KH series and from Hy seal M series to Hy seal K series. Similarly; there are two types of series in case of Butterfly valves as well. “Hy performance valves” provide the best quality of valves including knife gate valves and butterfly valves.