Unlike centuries ago, people try and give the best engagement rings to their to be fiancés and that is because of the fact that they think that it determines the kind of love they have for the other person. When it comes to a wedding ring, people would get platinum rings and a general diamond ring, but since some time now, people have moved towards getting ruby engagement rings for their loved ones, there are different types of these rings.

Round cut ruby engagement rings

They go with many other stones that are also cut in a round shape for that matter.

Oval shaped ruby engagement rings

They work well with round gems or oval gems.

Square shaped ruby engagement rings

These are the ones that go with any stones that have corners or have been cut into rectangles or a shape that has edges to it.

There are different kinds of metals to go with these ruby engagement rings to make them look even better, some of these are mentioned and even explained in this article so that when it comes the time that people want to make an informed decision about the wedding rings in Sydney CBD that they want for their girl, they do not make any mistakes and have done their proper research in this matter as well.

Yellow gold

Although it is not very famous these days because of the cost factor attached to it, they are costlier when it comes to other metals. A ruby engagement ring would go good with the yellow gold if they are paired with diamonds. The bride would love the color and the association of love with the ring and the loved one that has just proposed her with the most beautiful ring that there is in that case.

Rose gold

It is a pink rose color that goes very well with the red color of ruby on the ruby engagement ring. Be it ruby or a ruby stone centered between different diamonds, it would create an amazing effect on the to be fiancé and all the people that look at the ring because of the beauty that it holds and the amount of thought that you would have put in to bring it to life for that matter. rose gold is also rather cheap than yellow gold because of being soft. And so it would not be heavy on the pocket and would look great nonetheless. That is a situation where you can never go wrong and so many people go for this option as they get everything in one package, be it beauty, royalty and not very expensive ruby engagement ring.